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Sunflower Bull Embroidery

DMC Thread Colors Used:

Sunflower Yellow - 3821

Sunflower Center Brown - 975

Bull Head Brown - 436

Leaf Green - 520

Vine Green - 523

Vine Accent Green - 3013

Vine Pink Flowers - 3859

Horn Grey - 3787

White Flowers - 739

Stitches Used:

French Knot

Satin Stitch

Back Stitch

Fishbone Stitch






Fine Point Sharpie or Disappearing Pen

Embroidery Thread

Other Notes:

* I used all 6 six strands of the embroidery thread throughout the project

* For the French Knots I wrapped my thread once around the needle

Someone recently requested a bull's head embroidery with sunflowers and I'm honestly shocked I didn't think of that awesome idea before because it basically combines my two most popular blog posts! So thank you to that lovely person for such a brilliant idea!

To start my embroidery the first thing I did was transfer my template to my fabric by printing out my template (below), taping it to the back of my hoop/fabric, holding the hoop up to a window as an impromptu light pad, and tracing it with my fine point sharpie. You could also try holding your fabric up to your computer monitor or iPad! I have been using a light pad the most recently and I really do like it!

You can trace as much or as little of the pattern as you prefer onto your fabric, for this one I actually traced more than I normally do!

Time to start stitching! Sunflowers first!

For all of the petals I used a Satin Stitch using yellow (3821) but I didn't outline the individual petals first because they were so small. I preferred to start my satin stitches in the middle of each petal so that I can really establish the direction of the stitches. (Can you tell from my pictures that I did most of this while on a road trip?!)

Next I filled in the center of my flowers with French Knots using the darker brown color (975) and continued with the rest of my sunflowers. I like to start on the outer part of the flower center and work my way in.

Then I used the Back Stitch to outline the bulls head with the lighter brown color (436).

I used a Fishbone Stitch for the leaves in the darker green (520) because this stitch gives such a satisfying pattern!

Then I used the Back Stitch again to outline the bulls horns with the gray color (3787).

Next I started on the hanging vines with French Knots. I started with the light bluish green color (523).

Then I added in some lighter green knots (3013) for dimension. I also added in some white french knots (739) in between the sunflowers in groups of three as well as some lighter green (3013) knots to look like tiny leaves in between the sunflowers.

At this point everything was really starting to come together!

Then I added some pink french knots (3859) into the vines. I also added some shading lines to the horns using a back stitch and I added some shading in the upper portion of the nostrils.

All done! If you make your own version of this tag me on insta because I would love to see it!

All tutorials shown on www.LaurenChaseCo.Com are intended for personal use only. You are not permitted to sell your finished embroidery hoop that was made based on this tutorial.

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