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Watercolor FAQs

What are the prices for Custom Art?

All the size options and prices for custom watercolors are available here!  The pricing is based on the size of the painting that you order, not the subject matter.

What are my options for the subject of my custom paintings?

My custom painting options are widespread and varied! I paint custom landscapes, homes, florals, pets, wedding venues, wedding invitations, and anything else that you can think of I'm happy to try!

What kind of photos can I send you to create my custom painting?

I can only use photos that you have the copyright for, this would include your own photos or photos found on a copyright free website such as Unsplash. It is not permitted for you to send me a photo that you do not have the rights to as I do not want to infringe on other artists rights.

How do I order a Custom Art piece?

Currently I take orders exclusively through Instagram. Please send me a message on my account @laurenchaseco. Any reference pictures needed for the project should also be sent via instagram, please use the photo button on the right vs the left so that it will not disappear from the chat.

Will my finished watercolor be an exact representation of original photos that I send you?

Your finished watercolor will not be a realistic reproduction of any photos that you send me to work off of. I choose to do stylized creations that are painted in my style which tends to be lighter with more subdued colors.

Specific to Home Portraits:

If you are a requesting a house painting then plants/trees will be painted green regardless of the time of year that your inspiration photo was taken. Similarly the sky will be painted as a daytime blue sky by default and any cars/people/patio furniture will also be removed. If you would like a change from any of these default decisions then please let me know prior to ordering.

Can you write on the watercolor painting?

I would be happy to write something on your watercolor painting for you but I require that this request be made before I start painting. I will not be able to add writing once the painting is complete! All writing will be done with a black Micron pen.

What will the edges of my custom painting look like?

Unless otherwise requested the edges of my paintings are straight and have a small white border from being taped down. If you would like something else such as a deckled edge (ripped edge) this must be requested prior to starting the painting.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Venmo is my preferred form of payment.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon order of the custom piece, prior to the creation of the piece.

What is your return policy?

Custom Art is non-refundable due to the time and effort that I put into creating each piece. I do guarantee that it will be the same quality of my prior paintings posted on this site and instagram!

What countries do you ship to?

At this time I only ship custom art inside the United States. If you would like to order a custom piece outside the U.S. I am happy to email you a digital copy of the finished piece for you to print at the print shop of your choosing.

What shipping carrier do you use?

I ship only using first class mail (stamps) which means there will not be a tracking number for your order. I do not offer any other shipping options because they are not compatible with my daily schedule. All purchased paintings are mailed in a water resistant envelope.

What is the turnaround time for a custom watercolor?

The fastest turnaround time possible for a custom watercolor order is approximately four weeks. If there are a large quantity of orders that I am already working on then the turnaround time is longer. If there is a date that your need your custom order by you must let me know prior to ordering your watercolor.

What happens if USPS loses my painting?

Custom Art is non refundable, even if the painting is lost or damaged by USPS (thankfully this has not happened yet to my knowledge), but I am able to send a digital copy of the painting for the customer to have printed at the print shop of their choice if this does happen. If the painting is lost via USPS or undeliverable for some reason, it should come back to me via the return address and then I can mail it back again. I am not lenient on this due to the fact that some may use shipping excuses as a way to get their order for free.

What materials do you use for the Watercolor paintings?

All purchased paintings are created using professional Daniel Smith watercolors and 100% cotton paper.

How do I care for my custom watercolor painting?

These paintings are designed to be framed and have not been sealed with any additional products. To help keep your paintings vibrant for the duration of their life keep out of direct sunlight, humid environments (such as bathrooms), frame under anti-UV glass, use an acid free mat (this keeps your painting from sticking to the glass) and keep away from water, heat, and grease. Original watercolor paintings tend to have a slight wave to the paper due to the painting process (aka water), this should not be noticeable when framed.

What are the copyright rules for your products?

Custom art is for personal use only. The restrictions include but are not limited to the following actions. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted sell prints of their custom artwork for any reason. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to edit the artwork and then sell it. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to make a copy of their custom artwork and send it to someone else. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to make multiple prints for the purpose of giving them away (with the exception of wedding invitations). In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to use the picture on a website or in any sort of marketing or promotional setting (website, etc) without written consent.

Will my custom artwork appear on your website?
All Custom work has the possibility of appearing on this website.

Can I recycle the packaging that my painting is sent in?

I have tried to choose envelopes that will be accepted by recycling programs and I would love if they were recycled!!

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