My Name is Lauren Chase and I looooove making things!

I grew up in Texas and now live in Colorado! I hate moving and have no intention of ever doing it again!

I collect flattened pennies! (The ones that you get in souvenir shops at National Parks.) I love them!

I have tried many creative things including knitting, crochet, himmeli, acrylic painting, watercolor, embroidery, building furniture, videography and I'm sure more to come!

I love Microsoft Excel and I have hundreds of spreadsheet to organize every aspect of my life!

I got married in Crested Butte, CO and we honeymooned in an RV in New Zealand for two weeks! It was kinda smelly, but very romantic!

My ideal vacation is hiking and eating...nearly exclusively!

My favorite shows that I watch on repeat are Downton Abbey and Brooklyn 99.

I have read all the Harry Potter books twice, I am probably due for another re-read! It is also the only physical books I have kept over the years.

I have a dog named Kingsley! Naming your dog King ensures they will be super spoiled their whole lives. And he is.

I cut my own hair because I think its really fun! (Yes, sometimes it ends up looking real weird.)

Moana is currently my favorite Disney movie, those songs are hot fire!

I was in color guard and played the flute in high school! Band nerds rule.

I'm trying to learn to mountain bike but it is terrifying.

That's me in a nutshell!


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