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My Name is Lauren Chase and I looooove creating!

I live in Summit County Colorado and love everything about it! (Except maybe wildfires.)

I started a blog in 2015 to document the things I was creating and it has now evolved into what you see today!

The only art class I've ever taken was in high school (I was a business major in college).

I have a dog named Kingsley! Naming your dog King ensures they will be super spoiled their whole lives. And he is.

I love Microsoft Excel and I have hundreds of spreadsheet to organize every aspect of my life.

My ideal vacation is hiking, disc golfing, and eating...nearly exclusively.

I volunteer as the Treasurer for our local "Friends of the Library" group. Most libraries have a Friends group and it is a great way to get involved in your local library!

My favorite shows that I watch on repeat are Downton Abbey and Brooklyn 99.

I'm horrible at spelling.

I would love to live in a zero waste world.

That's me in a nutshell!


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