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My Name is Lauren Chase and I looooove creating!

I live in Summit County Colorado and love everything about it! (Except maybe wildfires.)

I started a blog in 2015 with no specific goal in mind other than to get out of my comfort zone which has now evolved into what you see today!

The only art class I've ever taken was in high school (I was a business major in college).

I have a dog named Kingsley! Naming your dog King ensures they will be super spoiled their whole lives. And he is.

I love Microsoft Excel and I have hundreds of spreadsheet to organize every aspect of my life.

My ideal vacation is hiking and eating...nearly exclusively.

My favorite shows that I watch on repeat are Downton Abbey and Brooklyn 99.

I'm trying to learn to mountain bike, but it is TERRIFYING.

I'm also learning to Disc Golf and it isn't terrifying!

I'm horrible at spelling.

I would love to live in a zero waste world.

That's me in a nutshell!


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