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Maroon Flower Tutorial

DMC Thread Colors Used:

Green - 730

Medium Green - 732

Light Green - 370

Maroon - 902

Light Maroon - 3722

Coral - 436

Stitches Used:


Other Notes:

* I used all 6 six strands of the embroidery thread throughout the project

* For the french knots I wrapped my thread twice around the needle

The first thing I did was transfer my template to my fabric by printing out my template (below), taping it to the back of my hoop/fabric, and holding the hoop up to a window as an impromptu light pad. You could also try holding your fabric up to your computer monitor or iPad!

Then I started embroidering each section of the first petal ring of the bigger flower with marron (902) using a Satin Stitch. To keep my stitches all going in toward the center of the flower I would start in the middle of section and work my way out on each side always working towards the center of the flower.

Then I did the same thing with the outer ring of petals.

Next I started adding some short small accent lines coming from the center of the flower in the lighter maroon color (3722). I didn't think this turned out as impressive as I thought I would so I probably would skip this step next time!

The finishing touch on the first flower was to put French Knots in the center of the flower with the coral color (436) to fill it in. I wrapped the thread around the needle twice for these french knots. After that I moved on to the petals of the next flower and followed the same steps (with the exception of the accent of light maroon).

Once I was done with second flower I started adding my leafy ferns in the light green (370) using the Back Stitch for the stem and then the Leaf Stitch/Chain Stitch for the leaves. I chose to skip the next fern and move to the third line so that my ferns would overlap more naturally.

Then I started the eucalyptus greenery by using a Back Stitch for the stems. I did some stems (and their leaves) in the green (730) and then some stems and their leaves in the medium green (732) to add more dimension. The variance turned out very subtle and you could probably do them all in one color and wouldn't noticed much of a difference. I also did the second and fourth branches last so they would sit on top of the other two for better layering (like what I did for the ferns).

To finish the back I added simple giant stitches to the back about half and inch from the hoop and I didn't tie off or cut the thread off yet. Then I trimmed off the edges, still not trimming or tieing off my thread! Then I pulled the thread tight to finish off the back of the hoop and tied the thread off and trimmed it!

All done! If you make your own version of this tag me on insta because I would love to see it!

All tutorials shown on www.LaurenChaseCo.Com are intended for personal use only. You are not permitted to sell your finished embroidery hoop that was made based on this tutorial


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