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Buffalo and Red Peak Floral Embroidery

DMC Thread Colors Used:

Light Green - 734

Dark Green - 833

White - Ecru

Light Blue - 415

Dark Blue - 3768

Dark Maroon - 3722

Light Maroon - 3859

Coral - 436

Burnt Gold - 781

Stitches Used:


Other Notes:

* I used all 6 six strands of the embroidery thread throughout the project except for when doing the white flower where I used 12 strands

* For the French Knots I wrapped my thread twice around the needle

Buffalo and Red peak are the mountain's just behind our house and the little one of the far right we call the "The Thorne" (usually in a very deep ominous voice!). We see these mountains everyday and finally climbed Buffalo this summer so it's not surprising they have finally made their appearance in embroidery!

To start my embroidery the first thing I did was transfer my template to my fabric by printing out my template (below), taping it to the back of my hoop/fabric, holding the hoop up to a window as an impromptu light pad, and tracing it with my fine point sharpie. You could also try holding your fabric up to your computer monitor or iPad! I have been using a light pad the most recently and I really do like it!

I didn't trace all the leaves (as you might have noticed) because a couple of them seemed to go too close to the edge of the hoop and they would have been very hard stitch up against the hoop. I did end up adding one extra in the end though to make the the hoop look finished (the one on the far left).

Time to start stitching! Mountains first since they are in the background!

For all of the mountains I outlined the "shaded" area of the mountain with the Back Stitch and then filled it in with a Satin Stitch using dark blue (3768). I made sure that my satin stitches went in the same direction as the mountain would slope downward to help solidify the shape of the side of the mountain.

I also prefer to start my satin stitches in the middle of my shapes so that I can really establish the direction of the stitches.

Next I did the same thing but for the highlighted portion of the mountain (where the sun hits) in the lighter blue (415) with the Satin Stitch. My satin stitch goes at an angle away from the darker portion of the mountain to show how the mountain slopes the other way.

I used the Satin Stitch again for the tiny groups of flowers in Light Maroon (3859).

Satin Stitch again for the larger flowers in Dark Maroon (3722). The important thing with this satin stitch for me was to always have my lines pointing to the bottom center of the flower much like you would see in a real flower.

For the white flower (Ecru) I used a Loose Satin Stitch which was new and exciting for me! This is achieved by sewing with 12 strands of thread (folding the thread in half) and then instead of pulling tight letting the thread stand off the fabric by a nickel's width (just enough to give it some body). I usually would accidentally pull it tight then have to pull it back out again with my needle and I found that pretty effective!

Next I filled in the center of my flowers with French Knots. For the light maroon flower center I used the Burnt Gold color (781), for the darker maroon flower center I used the coral color (436) and for the white flower center I used the lighter maroon (3859).

Finally time for the leaves! I used a Fishbone Stitch for the leaves in the lighter green (734) because this stitch gives such a satisfying pattern!

Lastly I filled in a couple of empty spots with French Knots in the slightly darker green color (833).

To finish the back I added simple giant stitches to the back about half and inch from the hoop and I didn't tie off or cut the thread off yet. Then I trimmed off the edges, still not trimming or tieing off my thread! Then I pulled the thread tight to finish off the back of the hoop and tied the thread off and trimmed it!

I don't like to cover the back of my hoops because I think the back is really pretty! It's almost like an abstract version of the front and I love it!

All done! If you make your own version of this tag me on insta because I would love to see it!

All tutorials shown on www.LaurenChaseCo.Com are intended for personal use only. You are not permitted to sell your finished embroidery hoop that was made based on this tutorial


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