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Whale Whale Whale Embroidery

DMC Thread Colors Used:

Silvery Blue - 415

Dark Blue - 3768

Stitches Used:


Other Notes:

* I used all 6 six strands of the embroidery thread throughout the project

The first thing I did was transfer my template to my fabric by printing out my template (below), taping it to the back of my hoop/fabric, and holding the hoop up to a window as an impromptu light pad. You could also try holding your fabric up to your computer monitor or iPad! (I also added the name and birthday of my friend's new babe to the template before transferring it to the fabric.)

Then I started embroidering each section of the whale at a diagonal with the dark blue color (3768) using a Satin Stitch.

Once I was done with most of the dark blue parts of the whale (with the exception of his back fin) then I used the silvery blue (415) for his belly. I used the Satin Stitch again in short vertical stitches between the two lines.

After I was done with the first part of his stomach I filled in his second fin with a satin stitch and then start on the back section with the silvery blue.

If I had to redo the tail I would do the satin stitches in two sections into of three (like the template at the top) the third section didn't really look like anything anyways!

After this I started to fill in the letters with french knots but I didn't love how it looked so I ripped it all on and used the Satin Stitch instead on the name and the Back Stitch on the date. I guess I got too angry at it to take anymore pictures? Oops.

I also added little "bubbles" with French Knots (only wrapping the thread around the needle once for tiny bubbles) with the silvery color. I wanted the bubbles to look like the whale was blowing them so I started them denser near his mouth and let them get further apart as they floated away behind him. I tied off after each french knot so that the connecting threads on the back wouldn't show through if this is eventually hung in front of a window or another light source.

To finish the back I added simple giant stitches to the back about half and inch from the hoop and I didn't tie off or cut the thread off yet.

Then I trimmed off the edges, still not trimming or tieing off my thread!

Then I pulled the thread tight to finish off the back of the hoop and tied the thread off and trimmed it!

All done! I hope my friend loves it as much as I do! I think this little whale just turned out so cute!

If you make your own version of this little whale tag me on insta because I would love to see it!

All tutorials shown on www.LaurenChaseCo.Com are intended for personal use only. You are not permitted to sell your finished embroidery hoop that was made based on this tutorial


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