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Texas Embroidery

A Texas themed gift for a true Texas Lady! Try it for yourself with the printable template design!

See Vacations Are for Explorations post for more details on: *What materials you will need *How to set up your hoop *How to transfer the template to your fabric *How to finish the back of the project

Details for this project: *I used all six strands in the embroidery thread for everything *Below are the different Stitches I used in this project: Back Stitch Tutorial Rose Stitch (try not to pull really tight or it will take a long time to finish the rose) Daisy Stitch/Detached Chain Stitch French Knot (wrapped around twice) *I only drew the Texas outline on my hoop and then did the stems wherever I felt like it and added the leaves last 🙂 *Template is for a 6 inch hoop

If you do this project on your own send me a picture at or post a picture on instagram and tag me in it because I would love to see it!

Questions are welcome in the comments!

Below are the colors that I used for this hoop (DMC Floss):

Lime Green – 3819 Bright Green – 906 Kelly Green – 909 Dark Green – 935 Peach – 3855 Yellow – 3821 Gold – 3852 Gray – 799

Below is the original template I made. I thought I would want to do more roses but as you can see from the final product I chose not to. (They were annoying me.)


I did all the ferns first since I wanted them underneath the roses.


Next I added the roses which was more challenging than normal because I kept accidentally going under the ferns. (That is a main reason why I only did three roses, plus I liked how it looked!) Last I added peach dots (french knots) to fill in empty spaces that were left over!


There it is! A yellow rose of Texas Embroidery! Happy Crafting!


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