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Sweet and Easy Clipboard Decor

See how we decorated one of our staircases for $25 (free printables included!)

Materials for the flower clipboard project! -Unlined Paper – Sketchbook paper is good, I even left on the torn edge because I liked the texture from the ruffles -Mechanical Pencil Flower Prints Printables – If you want to forego the sketching portion Clipboards Rope Drill Drill bits -Hammer Nails

If you have everything except the rope and clipboards this project will cost about $25 using the materials above.

If you aren’t sure that you can draw a flower then see a step by step picture tutorial here! Or you can print off Computerized Versions of the ones that I did.

If you are thinking about buying a drill but don’t know what else you could use it for, look at these picture ledges that only require a drill and hammer!

Below is the twine I bought from Hobby Lobby to hang the clipboards. There is a link to a similar one in the materials list above. Hobby Lobby’s was a little cheaper than the link above, plus there is always a 40% off coupon on Hobby Lobby’s website so it could be even cheaper!


We used a 5/16 drill bit for the holes in the clipboards (the one missing in the picture below).


Here is Big Al drilling the holes for us! (Not the safest way to do this)


And making sure that our twine fit into the holes! Success!


I cut 6 sections and made them all the same length then I tied the knot on the front of the clipboard to keep the clipboard laying flatter. I also trimmed the knot on the front after tying it so it was a nice small knot.


Behold the finished Project! (sorry for the blurry pictures)


Happy Clipboarding!


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