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DIY Flower Embroidery

Printable template for this flower window embroider hoop!

See Vacations Are for Explorations post for more details on: *What materials you will need *How to set up your hoop *How to transfer the template to your fabric *How to finish the back of the project

Details for this project: *I used all six strands in the embroidery thread for everything *The only stitch I used on this hoop was the back stitch, see tutorial here: Back Stitch Tutorial

*I only drew the outline of the flower, not the shading *The template is for a 4 inch hoop, but it can be easily printed for a bigger sized hoop using the attachment above

Below are the colors that I used for this hoop (DMC Floss): Dark Pink – 352 Medium Pink – 3824 Light Pink – 353 Dark Green – 611 Light Green – 370 Navy – 823

DIY Embroidery

The first thing I did was transfer my template onto my fabric by tracing the template with a permanent marker. To do this I taped the template onto the back of my hoop and then put the hoop against a window (makeshift light box) and then traced out the main lines of the template.

DIY Flower Embroider Template

I started with the navy outline (back stitch), then did the outline on the inside of the triangle, then lastly did small stitches for the “shading” in my last three colors.


Really love how it turned out!


If you do this project on your own post a picture on instagram and tag me in it because I would love to see it!

Questions are welcome in the comments!

Happy Crafting!



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