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Cactus Embroidery

Try this desert themed embroidery!

It has been pretty wet in Houston these days thanks to Harvey so a nice desert feel was exactly what I have been dreaming of!

See Vacations Are for Explorations post for more details on: *What materials you will need *How to set up your hoop *How to transfer the template to your fabric *How to finish the back of the project

Details for this project: *I used all six strands in the embroidery thread for everything *I used the Back Stitch and the French Knot for this project *The template is for a 4 inch hoop, but it can be easily printed for a bigger sized hoop using the attachment above

Below are the colors that I used for this hoop (DMC Floss): Dark Pink – 3801 Light Pink – 352 Dark Green – 936 Light Green – 370 Baby Pink (for the backing)

The first thing I did was trace my template onto my fabric using a sharpie and window.


I used french knots for most of this project because I decided halfway through that I didn’t like the cactus as it was, so my solution was the cover it in french knots! It ended up really puffy and cute and I like how it turned out!

For the stalk and leaves of the yucca plant I used the back stitch. For the leaves of the yucca plant I stitched all the leaves then decided they weren’t thick enough so did another layer of stitches on top of the first. See progression below of how I did the yucca plant.


I ended up liking the tiny yucca plants so much that I ended up make two more little ones!


All in, I love how this cute little piece turned out!

Happy Stitching!


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