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Baby Girl Embroidery

A cute gift for a new baby girl!

DMC Thread Colors Used:

Blue - 964

Greens - 3032, 3013, 3052

Pinks - 760, 754, 758

Gold - 3852

Stitches Used:




* I used all 6 six strands of the embroidery thread throughout the project

The first thing I always do is draw out my idea (I created it in powerpoint this time) and trace it onto my fabric with a fine point sharpie. I usually don't draw the entire plan onto my fabric so that I decrease the chance of marker showing through. Most of the time I tape my template to the back of the hoop and then hold it against a window for an impromptu light box. I also think using a tablet or iPad would work with if the project wasn't in the hoop yet.

Next I did the name using a back stitch and did a second row of back stitching on only the down strokes of each letter to mimic calligraphy. The thread color that I used is 3032.

For the floral sides I started with the green stems (using the back stitch) darker green for the leaves (3052) and lighter green for the flower stems (3013). Then I used the chain stitch for the leaves (also 3052).

Next I outlined the back part of the flower in my pink color (758). This was the first step of my satin stitch and then I made myself some guideline stitches so that I could keep my stitches going in the direction I wanted them too.

I finished filling in the rest of the back of the flower using the satin stitch.

Next I did the front part of the flower in a lighter pink to give it some variation since theoretically the back of the flower is slightly shaded (754). I did the second part the same way I did the first part.

Lastly I used french knots to make tinier flowers at the top of my empty stems (colors 760 & 964). I also used french knots to fill in the center of my flower (3852).

After that I stitched the back of the hoop with big stitches to pull it tight and trimmed the excess fabric off. Lastly I took some of my extra thread and tied it to the hoop tightening screw to use as a hanger.


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