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Acadia National Park

Recently Big Al and I went up to Maine for a wedding and we decided that if we were going all that way, we might as well make a trip out of it! I have been wanting to go to Acadia National Park since our first trip to Maine but we didn't have time during our first trip. We MADE time this trip and it was oh so worth it!

We flew into Portland on a Thursday and immediately went to a wedding on Peak's Island. I would go back to Peak's Island again on my own, it was super cute!. It was a 10 minute ferry ride from Downtown Portland and the island was cute as well as historical (WWII military defense installation, whatever that is).

We also love Flatbreads for Pizza in downtown Portland, Ri Ra's Irish Pub, Amato's for "Maine Italians" and Portland Headlight Lighthouse!

We stayed in Portland on night one with Big Al's family and woke up the next morning to head to Bar Harbor.

Day 2:

The first place we went on our way up to Acadia National Park from Portland was Marshall Point Lighthouse. I really wanted to go to this particular lighthouse because it is the lighthouse from the movie Forest Gump! (I love going to places where movies were filmed.)

Also, it was pretty :)

After that we continued up route 1 and stopped in Camden for food. We decided on Camden Deli because sandwiches are fast and their patio has a good view. The sandwiches were really good too, I got an italian and Big Al got a pesto turkey, both delish.

Then a quick stroll to see the boats and flowers closer up and back in the car.

The whole drive was really beautiful and included beautiful glimpses of the coast!

We stayed at the Acadia Pines Motel near Bar Harbor and while it wasn't anything fancy the grounds were cute and we enjoyed it! (also it was cheap)

After checking in we headed straight for Acadia to hike the Ocean Path Trail.

This trail starts at Sand Beach then goes past Thunder Hole and ends at Otter Cliffs and it was a really great hike! I was least impressed with Thunder Hole though, I thought there would be more spraying of water but maybe since it was low tide it wasn't as good of a show.

Sand Beach was beautiful, the water was pristine (also freezing cold), and I just wanted to start swimming despite the fact that I was fully clothed and cold.

The trail has great views of Otter Cliffs and Sand Beach the whole way so there is never and ugly moment...oh so pretty!

The Otter cliffs were in the scene in Shutter Island where Leonardo Dicaprio is climbing down a cliff because he thought his partner had fallen off the cliff (because he was crazy).  Great times with cliffs, am I right?!

After that hike we were both getting hangry so we drove to Bar Harbor and found a parking spot. The first place we saw was Mama DiMatteo's. We looked at their menu that was posted outside and I wasn't quite sold...until. Until the door opened up and the smells took over me and I knew I had to eat at this restaurant (the same thing probably would have happened anywhere though, I was so hungry).

This place hit the spot. The bread was served with a seasonal white bean dip (tasted like hummus) and we devoured it. It didn't stand a chance.

I ordered fettucine alfredo, because it's a classic, and it came with a house salad as well that was really good.

They also brought out this seasonal brussel sprout and carrot salad that was amazing! Big Al loved it!

Everything was so good and our waiter was really awesome. He told us his favorite parts of Acadia and we asked him about some trails we were thinking about hiking.

I looked later and saw that this restaurant only got three stars on yelp, which is such a shame, I should probably go rate them (only angry people take the time for yelp reviews apparently).

After that we went to bed and I fell asleep instantly.

Day 3:

I woke up god forsakenly early the next morning because the sun rises at 4:30 am! It was terrible. Maine...the state with no darkness. Miserable.

On the plus side we were out the door ready from breakfast at 7:45 am (earlier than work). I wanted to try a bakery called Morning Glory Bakery but it wasn't open yet (because we shouldn't have been awake). It opened at 8 though so we walked around Bar Harbor and found coffee at Trailhead Cafe. It was great coffee.

By the time we got back at Morning glory bakery there was a line out the door, it was only 8:05! What were all these people doing up!?

This is why they were awake so early....(look down)

Morning Glory Bakery was awesome! I got a cheddar bagel with veggie cream cheese and Al got a sausage breakfast sandwich.

We then drove our little butts back into Acadia for some hiking on Beehive Trail! Beehive trail isn't a leisurely hike. It winds back and forth across the face of a large steep hill. I didn't think it was scary or anything like that, the ledges are wide and the drop off the side isn't as high as I expected. Mostly I was just out of breath from pulling myself up this rock.

But look! Helpful rungs! Thanks Acadia!

After that we started our drive down to Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. We stopped on the way at the Asticou Azalea Garden which was very pretty. It is free but they request a donation of $5 per person.

I really enjoyed this place, it felt like a Japanese garden and was really well maintained.

Back in the car and on to Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. We also went on a hiking trail next to the lighthouse that went through some great mossy areas! I love moss!

We were hungry again after that so it was time for the famous Jordan Pond House Popovers (Big Al called them crumpets the whole trip). I got a popover and an iced cappuccino. They were good but I didn't think they were anything insanely craveable. The location can't be beat though. You can do counter ordering and sit on the rooftop deck or they have a full service restaurant. Parking was kind of miserable but that could have been because we didn't realize there were two parking lots.

After our lunch we went and walked around Jordan Pond for a little bit and took in the scenery.

I was so tired by this point, since we had gotten up so freaking early, so we decided to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain and then go take a nap.

We couldn't see anything from the top of Cadillac mountain because of the clouds but there was a good view from halfway up and a funny little seagull!

"Mine?" - Funny Little Seagull

After our nap (so great) we went to look at tidepools during low tide on the Bar Island Pathway. It was really foggy and gross by this point so the views weren't very good and I wasn't that impressed by the tidepools. I thought we would see a starfish or something but it was mostly shells. Still kind of cool to see mussels in their natural habitat!

Once the weather got really gross we took refuge at Galyn's. This had a good view and the food was good too (not amazing). It wasn't cheap though, we ended up spending about $100 for the two us.

I got the lobster biscuits because it sounded good and very Mainey but I didn't really like them very much. They look pretty in the picture though!

For our main course I got seafood linguine and Al got scallops. I think we both liked our food but that neither us thought is was the best meal we had ever had. I was more impressed with the food at Dimatteo's but the scenery and ambience was really great at Galyn's. I think mostly everything just need a touch more salt.

After that we walked around town for a little bit in the search of cheesy Bar Harbor shirts (we had great success). Then we went back to the hotel and watched Game of Thrones because, priorities.

Day 4:

The next morning before heading back to Portland we went to Two Cats for breakfast. I really liked this place! The service kind of stunk but the food was so good and I would absolutely come back!

Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes! Yes Please!

Farmhouse platter or something like that??? Noms.

On our way back to Portland we stopped at Fort Knox (*Maine version), it was $5 per person and we got to go up in the observation tower of the bridge and walk around the Fort.

It was pretty fun, and we had a good chuckle when we found out that after they built the Fort, there was never any more action in the area. Sooooo ya, nothing happened here, but it is a cool fort!

Pulled over to take some pictures of Lupines on the way back to Portland! They are the bluebonnets of Maine and I love them now!

Also stopped to take a picture of Sebago Lake which is the clearest lake I have ever seen! I was so hypnotized. You aren't allowed to get in the lake where we stopped because it is the water supply for Portland. It was pretty to look at though!

Also this was probably the first time since we got to Maine that we really got to see sunshine! Yay! Vitamin D!

We spent the rest of the day with Big Al's family and got sandwiches at Big Al's favorite sandwich Place. Amato's Maine Italian Sandwich is pretty delicious. (It's not really an italian, it more of ham sandwich.)

The next day we flew out of Portland and back home!

We may not have had good weather the whole time, but we did have a great time!

Happy Travels!


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