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Driving Plein Air Kit

How I pack my paints for driving trips:

Everything I'm bringing!

* Fold up toiletry bag - This is great because its really easy to see everything I'm packing. If I go hiking I can just take out what I need.

* Travel Journal - The Paul Rubens travel journal in size 7.68 x 5.81 inches has been a great size and great paper! I love that I can paint on both sides of the paper too!

* Pencil and eraser - I don't think I will use these a lot but they are small so I will probably bring them

* Collapsible Cup - Super useful for water, I can also use the lid as a mixing palette

* Paints - Ideally I would only bring 6 colors that match the we are going to so that I can keep mixing to a minimum or be able to mix on the page

* Paint Tins - I have put my paints into little tins so that when I'm done with them if they are still wet they won't leak anywhere. I also glued a paint swatch to the top and wrote the color name on the bottom so it's super easy to find what I'm looking for. The tins also make it easier to just take the ones I need compared to trying to change out a bunch of half tins in a palette.

* Washcloth - For drying off brushes and paper and wiping my palette clean.

* Brushes

* Dropper - Instead of a spray bottle I'm opting for a dropper to wet my paints because it's much smaller


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