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A Weekend in DC

We are pretty much pros right now at the weekend trip because we keep running out of vacation time! Ooops! Good thing DC is an amazing place for a weekend trip!

This time when we were ready to get away we chose DC because it was a non stop flight from Houston and we had heard there was a lot to do there. We also had a two personal reasons for going up there, a friend and an uncle! It ended up being a perfect weekend trip! The only drawback is that there were a lot of things I would have liked to do if we had more time so we have already planned another weekend trip!

We got in late Friday night, took the metro from the Reagan Airport into DC and went right to sleep so we would be bright and fresh for our DC weekend! The metro was amazingly easy!

We bought a metro card for $2 and then added $14 each. We rode the metro five times so it cost a little over $3 each ride! Pretty great!

Our first stop of course was Dunkin Donuts, the lifeblood of the northeast! Then on to the White House for the obligatory White House picture!


Got the shot! Moving on!

Then we took a short jaunt from the The White House to the Washington Monument!


Once we got to the Washington Monument we rented bikes and rode them to the Lincoln Memorial. This area is walkable and really pretty but it is very spread out so the bikes were such a good way to get our day moving faster.

The bikes are set up to where you pay for a 24 hour period and then you drop off and pick them up throughout that 24 hour period. The only catch is that you have to redock them every 30 minutes or you get charged an extra fee. I’m assuming they make us do this so people don’t hog them all day? I was a little worried about that catch at first but since we were stopping so frequently at the different sights we wanted to see it wasn’t a problem at all. They even have all the docking stations listed in google maps so we could see where the next stop would be. Would definitely bike again!


Stopped at the World War II Memorial on the way to the Lincoln Memorial!


I was so sad when the reflection pool was empty (it was March) but then Alex said we should ride our bikes in it and it was awesome! Great way to stay out of the way of pedestrians!


Then we continued on to the Smithsonian castle and museums.


We chose the Air and Space Museum and ended up spending a couple of hours there. There is a ton to see in this museum! And then there are tons of food trucks outside of the museums for when you need a break!


After the musuem we got back on our bikes and stopped to feed some bold little squirrels on the way to the Capitol Building, if you bring food you can get them to come right up to you! #NoFear


It was such a beautiful day!!!


For dinner we went to &Pizza which was very quick and convenient and then we went out in the wharf area to a bar called Brighton.

The only time we opted for an uber instead of the metro was coming home from the bar, the metro had seemed creepily empty on the way to the bar.


The next morning we went to brunch at Founding Farmers. I thought the food was good but it was pretty basic brunch fare and probably nothing to go crazy for, but the place was cute and the service was good! There was a 45 minute wait but since they take your phone number and text you when you table is ready we just walked to a nearby Starbucks and got our precoffee. Who doesn’t need a good precoffee!


Beignets weren’t as good as Cafe Du Monde but they were still delicious!


Then off to the Natural History Museum! I love the New York Natural History Museum and this one was just as great!


Sadly you can’t take us anywhere!

I can’t wait to come back her for another weekend! See our full weekend video below!

On a truly sad note, someone shot themselves in front of the white house about an hour after we left, so be aware of your surroundings and stay safe friends!

Weekend trip in DC


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