Primary Color-Splash Angel Wings


*#12 Round Brush

*Magenta, Gold, and Blue Watercolor Paint (A variant on primary colors) - I used an Arteza palette for this painting (because I had it) but I think there are probably better beginner palettes to choose from such as this one from Paul Ruben

*Watercolor Paper - I used Masters Touch 4x6 from Hobby Lobby which is not a very high quality paper but it is very well priced and I do like the size



*Two cups of water

*Mixing Pallete

*Hand towel or paper towel

Tips for Watercolor

*Leave a lot of white, you can always go back and remove the white later but it is harder to remove paint

*Use one cup of water for rinsing and the other for mixing

*If you paint something and realize you hate it use your towel to gently soak up the paint. Dab don't rub.

*If you want to remove paint to add a highlight use a wet brush to brush up your paint and then dab it away with your washcloth

The first thing I did was to draw an outline of the wings! I basically drew two half yin yang shapes and then erased most of the pencil lines until you could barely see the pencil. The pencil wouldn't show up too much under the blue and magenta but it probably would under the yellow.

Since I really wanted all my colors to bleed together it was important that I added them all while my paper was still wet (wet on wet technique). To make this way easier I used my brush to move a quarter sized amount of each color to my mixing palette. This was I didn't have to work more paint from the pans while the paint was drying.

Then I filled my brush with enough water where it was wet but not dripping so I could get a nice thin layer of water on my wings. I chose to leave the a small section on each wing not wet (top inner) so that the paint wouldn't hit that spot. This helped give the wing more dimenstion (kind of like the white dot in a black eyeball).

From this point on I only use the tip of my brush because we no longer need to cover large areas at one time.

I used the tip of my brush to pick up some gold and then started dropping it in, making sure that I didn't paint the wings the exact same way. I chose to put the yellow around the edges and little in the middle. Then really quickly after I did the same with the pink and blue.

Next I used the tip of my brush to create a feathery effect at the bottom of the wings by pulling the color out away from the wings a little at a time until I like how it looked.

Next I started blending the edges of my colors together with the tip of my brush. This is a very gentle process still with the tip of your brush to just help the colors merge a bit, too much and you may end up with the color brown. Just a nudge! I like to nudge two colors together just until they make another color, like when then gold and blue touch to make a green. I also added a little more gold pop to parts I thought were a bit flat or boring.

I also filled in my white area a little to make it smaller and more suggestive than overtly, hey I'm here!

Next I started to add interest to the edges of my wings. I added more pink to the left with on the top but left a small gap of white to hint at more dimension. Then I added a small about of pink to the right wing on the upper left side which made the very edge a purply color. I like that!

After that I just let it dry! If you see any harsh edges forming between the colors during drying that you don't like, lightly wet your brush and then you can smooth the edge away.

As you can see it dried much more mellow than the wet picture so if you are worried about the colors being too aggressive it may be worth letting it dry a bit before trying to fix it. Mostly when I try to "fix" something I make it worse anyways.

This is another one that I did in the exact same way, I love how they are pretty different from each other even with following the exact same plan and colors! The shape is slightly different, the color placement and and even the little splays of color all make each wing super unique!

And thats it! If you decide to try this tutorial and post a picture on insta please tag me as I would love to see it!

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