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Austin Weekend Trip

Austin trips are always a blast since the hill country has so much to offer and we do something different each time. This time was all about hiking and ACL! Read on to see how we filled our weekend in Austin!

We drove in Friday night and got to our hotel late and since we knew we wanted to wake up early the next morning we went straight to bed.

First stop on Saturday morning was a great breakfast find by Big Al called Snooze. The restaurant has a great 50’s diner theme and amazing food! Immediately eggs benedict caught our eye and when we found out we could mix and match any two we were sold! I chose the Bella (Italian themed with Prosciutto and Taleggio) and the Goodman (smoked salmon and cream cheese). Big Al got a classic and a Chili Verde benedict.

The Goodman was my favorite but it was a really tough competition, all the competitors were worthy of a W! I will definitely be wanting to go back to this restaurant and I just found out that there is one in Houston. Score!


After that we headed Hamilton Pool Reserve which was about a 30 minute drive away.

I had been wanting to go to Hamilton pool for a couple years but the last time we tried to go there the line to get in was so long that they said there wasn’t room to wait in line, crazy! This time there was a line but we were allowed to wait in it, yay! (Things I never thought I’d say.) The line took about 30 minutes and after that I was in heaven!

The hike to the pool was beautiful and I took about 40 pictures so it took us a while to get there!

Look at these roots!!!


Finally made it to the pool! It had been raining a lot so the water was flowing pretty good!


My favorite part of the pool was the roof with all the moss and stalactites hanging off it.


I wish I knew the couple in the pic below so I could send them this picture, they were too cute!



I love moss.



The water was so beautiful in the little stream and I wanted to stare at the little fish in it all day!


Once we were back in town we needed a quick bite to eat so we went to a local burrito place called Cabo Bob’s which is like Chipotle/Freebirds on steroids. They make all the tortillas fresh in front of you and their Smoked Cheddar tortilla is amazing!


After that we headed to Austin City limits and then home the next day! Always a fun time in Austin!


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