Digital File FAQs

What is your return policy?

Digital Files are not returnable due to the ability to copy them and the inability to physically return them. I would love to be lenient on this because I do believe there are honest people they may want to make a return but I have no way to know who is honest and who is not.

What is the biggest I can blow up a file?

Do not expect to be able to blow up a file larger than the original painting size listed in the painting details. I do believe there is some wiggle room but cannot make guarantees and any effort to increase the size is at the buyers' risk. No returns will be allowed in the event this does not work out.

Where should I get my files printed?

This is really up to personal preference and there is a huge range of quality options. You could go incredibly high quality by ordering a giclée print or go easy on yourself and print on your home computer.

Do you sell physical prints?

At this time I do not sell physical prints, only digital prints and originals. If you would like to inquire about a custom original please visit the Custom Art page for more details.

What are the copyright rules for your products?

This license offers permission to download and print one time for personal use only. The restrictions include but are not limited to the following actions. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted sell the files or prints of the files for any reason. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to edit the file and then sell it. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to forward the file to anyone. In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to make multiple prints for the purpose of giving them away, limit one print per purchased file (with the exception of wedding invitations). In no circumstance is the buyer permitted to use the picture on a website or in any sort of marketing or promotional setting (website, etc).

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