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Please let us know if you are able/unable to attend by June 3rd, 2023


Thank you!

More Info:

Should I include a card in my gift?

In lieu of cards they would love to receive a book that is signed with your name that way they will always know who it is from and they can start building baby Chase's library!

Do they have room for large gifts?

They are driving from Colorado to Dallas so please keep in mind that they do not have room for large gifts! If you would like to purchase something larger than a shoe box they would greatly appreciate if you had it shipped to their home in Silverthorne!

What gender is the baby?

They are leaving the baby's gender as a surprise! So we have no clue!

What should I wear to the baby shower?

A floral dress or something light and summery would be a perfect thing to wear!

Where are they registered?


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